Putting it all together...

Well, here we are. in2it. Can't even believe this is really happening. My partner and I have been working together to bring you guys something a bit different than you might typically find out there. These brands and styles you just can't find at even the local brick and mortar stores. We are searching far and wide for our stuff so you don't have to. in2it is all about the thing we all wear, everyday, all day-




Not just regular ole underwear though - this stuff is sexy and fun! Most guys have grown up with just cotton briefs, or maybe boxers or boxer briefs, but there really is a lot more out there. Super soft materials that fit right, in all the right places, that breathe and allow for comfort throughout the day. We also are really looking into various colors and patterns with the fabrics we choose, so think vibrant and unique.

The last thing we want you to feel is boring or ordinary!

We are still sourcing our products and developing the online store, so we aren't ready just yet. It's gotta be right, and look good - so you can look good! This is a store that will offer things for any guy out there. Whether you're a professional and wear a suit all day, to those who want to wear something sexy in a casual manner. We even want to appeal to those construction worker type of guys that wear sexy undies under their workwear - you know the type I'm talking about... So HOT!

We will keep you updated as we go along, and are able to launch the store. 

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