About Us

My partner and I decided to put together this store out of our love for underwear, and how good they can make a guy feel. I call him the "UnderWizard" jokingly, but he really knows his stuff! Over the years he has garnered quite a collection of styles, and some of which are no longer around, sadly.  Once I got into it, I began to realize how fun it could be, as well as sexy - especially when shared together. Between the two of us, we have quite a large amount of undies, and yet it is still fun and exciting to order a new pair and wait anxiously for them to arrive! 

How this relates to you is this: We want you to share in that feeling when it comes to menswear, and build a relationship of trust that will bring you back. We are doing this out of a place of passion, and we always want to show that in our products and service. We set ourselves apart from other places by the styles and brands that we have chosen, and are willing to learn and grow with customer demands and style changes - but this is our store, and we wish to carry our image with it. 

We are always approachable, so if ever you have a question or concern, please reach out to us!


For order issues, please email us at support@underwizards.com

For general questions or any issues, please email us at chris@underwizards.com