Who We Are

My husband and I decided to put together this store out of our love for underwear, and how good they can make a guy feel. I call him the "UnderWizard" jokingly, but he really knows his stuff! Over the years he has garnered quite a collection of styles, and some of which are no longer around, sadly.  

Once I got into it, I began to realize how fun it could be, as well as sexy - especially when shared together. Between the two of us, we have quite a large amount of undies, and yet it is still fun and exciting to order a new pair and wait anxiously for them to arrive! 

How this relates to you is this:

We want you to share in that same feeling when it comes to menswear, and build a relationship of trust that will bring you back. We are doing this out of a place of passion, and we always want to show that in our products and service.

We set ourselves apart from other stores, by the styles and brands that we have chosen, and are willing to learn and grow with customer demands and style changes - but this is our store, and we wish to carry our image with it. 

With our logo, we have added the term "alt_vers_wear"

What this means to us, is that the products we offer are "alternate" and "versatile" in their styles and purpose. They may be shocking to some - and that's totally ok with us! We like to push the new, the different, the sexiness that is becoming more and more accepted and let's you shape and become the confident, sexiest, version of you!

Furthermore, while our items may be deemed as menswear, we are non gender minded. That means, to us, we fully support all forms of gender identity and promote equality across the board. We are not together id we don't offer inclusivity to all. Times are quickly changing, and we personally are still learning the correct and respectable pronouns that people prefer to become, or have embraced that that is already who they are or always have been. 

He/Him/His She/Her/Hers They/Them/Their = Equal presence, equal respect.


We also want you to know that we are always approachable, so if ever you have a question or concern, please reach out to us!

We're also real humans. So, with that, when we correspond with each other, it will hopefully convey that way. It's really tough sometimes when using text to convey messages to each other and always feel sincerity or maybe that a response seemed very direct or short. We never intend to offend, and we always play fair!


Much love, much respect!


For order issues, please email us at: support@underwizards.com

For general questions or any issues, please email me directly: chris@underwizards.com

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